Here is some fun information about of Auto Stack. About 18 years Dave was searching for a quicker way to get sod out to customers more efficiently. He found the potential and invested in the 1st generation Trebro Autostack for the farm.

The Auto Stack has proved to not only be reliable over these past years, but also cut down to half the labor during harvesting. The machine provides a high quality of cut with minimal waste. This had helped with getting sod to our customers quicker for install. As the company continues to grow and now in the hands of Dave’s son Ryan DeBuck, we have added another Auto Stack getting out twice the amount of loads on the road and ready for pick up.

The Auto Stacks cut our rolls 2 feet by feet, 10 square foot per roll and is roughly 1/2 inch thick. We can fit 70 rolls per pallet. Just 1 machine it takes about 2 minutes to cut each full pallet and around 45 minutes to and hour for a full semi load.