Why Sod?

Short term, the price of seed is less than the price of sod. But long term, the cost of seed is more than the cost of sod.

That’s because what you’re really buying is a lawn in two different stages of life.

Seed is a lawn that still has to be planted and coaxed and coddled into maturity, with no guarantee of success.

Sod, on the other hand, is a fully-grown lawn that simply has to be laid into position, and which does have a guarantee. From us.

The automatic long-term commitment of your time and labor, and the anxiety and aggravation you open yourself up to, when you buy seed instead of sod.

How do you put a price on those things when you’re doing a cost comparison?

The point to remember about an instant lawn is that it’s yours to enjoy from the moment of installation.

Because right from the very first day, you own a luxuriant, worry-free lawn which grows ever more beautiful and valuable as time goes on.

Sod requires frequent watering right after installation however, much less than seeding a new lawn. After sod is established, it takes less time and energy to maintain the perfect, weed free lawn.

That’s why we say sod is cheaper than seed.