Measuring & Ordering

Measuring your planned lawn and ordering the sodMeasuring your planned lawn and ordering the sod

With a tape, measure the various areas of your planned lawn. Include these measurements on a sketch of the areas, with the length, width, and any irregular features. Using the formulas illustrated on this website, determine the square footage of sod needed.

Mark any areas that require special attention, such as steep areas (erosion control), high traffic areas and heavily shaded areas.

Once you have this information, contact a local landscaper or a Midwest Sod Council (MSC) sod grower who will answer your questions and help you complete the sod order. MSC sod growers in your area are listed on their website:

Professional Installation

If you do not wish to install the sod yourself, the sod supplier will estimate the cost for a professional installation.

“Do-it-yourself” Installation

If you are installing the sod, schedule your sod order for delivery after the proper site preparation is complete and you are ready to install. Information about soil preparation, sod installation, water requirements and initial maintenance (including mowing suggestions) are available on MSC website: