The sun is shining and the snow is gone. All you want to do is get out and start prepping for your own little green paradise in your back yard. We wanted to share some easy steps with you to get you ready!

Needs Time

Give it some time to soak up that sunshine as the temps start to rise. Around this time of year the ground is still wet, and you don’t want to compact the soil. Best time to start is end of April and beginning of May.

Tuning the Lawn Mower

This a good time to get you lawn mower prepped and ready. Sharpen your blades, change your oil and filter, change your spark plug.


Rake any leaves and debris left over from the fall. This will allow light and fresh air in.


Do this around the middle of May, when the ground is not too wet. Rolling your yard around this time of year has the benefit since the ground is a little softer. You can easily smooth out and irregular spots. Also this will help push down your roots that have worked their way up.

Weeding & Fertilizer

This is best to do in the fall before your lawn goes into the dormant stage. You don’t want to apply to much chemicals, as this can stress growth.

Dealing with Bare Spots

You may add seed those spots or contact us by clicking on the link or call us at (262) 728-5424 for recommendations. We are always happy to help!