“Here at DeBuck’s Sod Farm, we grow a high quality Kentucky Bluegrass that is suitable for a variety of purposes. We are constantly working hand in hand with our seed supplier to create a blend that meets our liking and customers needs while being able to thrive in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.” -Ryan DeBuck (Owner)

As we start to dig in, lets first tell you about what is KBG?

Kentucky Bluegrass, the scientific name is Poa Pratensis.

It is a cool-season grass that grows best during fall, winter, and spring months. Growth is slow in summer heat.  Bluegrass is a bluish-green grass that was introduced into N.A from Northern Europe originally used for livestock feed.

An interesting fact about Kentucky Bluegrass is that it has many different seed varieties that have been created through cross pollinate to meet many different needs and wants. Much like the different types of tomato plants at you local garden center.

So what is in our blend of sod at DeBuck’s Sod Farm?

  • Rockstar Kentucky Bluegrass: Known as a shamrock for its deep color. It is cold hardy, persistent and it is adapted in a wide range of soils and climate conditions. Great for sports turf, landscaping and golf courses
  • Diva Kentucky Bluegrass: Is a dark green variety. It exhibits a compact short plant height and medium to fine leaf texture. The persistence and adaptability forms a well-knit durable sod.
  • Ginny II Kentucky Bluegrass : Classified as “Midnight type” and is a very tolerant variety. It does good with cold weather and low mowing heights. It is an excellent choice for the elite Kentucky Bluegrass blend for sod producers and sports fields.
  • Princeton P-105 Kentucky Bluegrass:  A compact variety, known for its best traffic tolerance quality.

Here is why we choose this blend of seed?

  • It’s Suitability for Northern Lawns
  • Dense
  • Lush
  • Durable
  • Beautiful Rich Color
  • Great for the backyards, high traffic areas where you, kids and pets play on or even great for a ballpark field
  • Has a quick establishment when properly installed and cared for
  • Great Quality
  • Stress Tolerant
  • Disease Resistant

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