Install your order as soon as possible and WATER……… WATER…… WATER in those first 24 hours……. We can’t express it enough!

During these hot months June through August, it is very crucial to make sure you sod is getting plenty of water and keeping it as cool as possible.

Below we are going to tell you our recommendation for watering before, during and after your sod install.


We cut your order the day of install, we do this to help ensure you are getting the freshest cut and a fighting chance to beat the heat. We usually recommend that you lay your sod with in 24 hours but during these high temps, you will want to lay out the sod as soon as possible.

Sod is cut at its roots and rolled up therefore it dries out quickly and creates a heat within the roll if it is not laid out fast. This will cause your sod to burn out and turn brown.

You may want to water the ground 24-48 hours before install to help keep the roots cool and absorb more water.


Once you have finished laying a section of sod, you will want to start watering that thoroughly, soaking the sod all the way through and beneath the ground. After you are done laying each section you will want to let the water run until both sod and soil are sponge-like and squishy. Run your watering at least 24 hours at this point. You will want to make sure you can stick your finger in the mud easily.


This is very crucial, after the first big dose of water you must continue to water regularly. Most homeowners will water their sods but not long/ deeply enough.

Keep watering so that it gets down to the roots and soil. Double check that all areas especially corners, and edges are getting plenty of water.

Never let sod dry out. If the sod doesn’t get enough water, it will turn blonde and burn out. This doesn’t mean that it’s past saving, but means you should get out there with lawn sprinklers and protect that investment.